Monday, May 17, 2010

My Upcycle Go Figure

Wow! I have not posted for ever....Life has been crazy. Makayla is finished with track, so it is just softball. We have 9 days of school left! I need a break. I have been battling an allergic reaction of some sort on my feet and back of my legs. I tried to clear it up on my own, I had to give up and go to urgent care last Tuesday. They gave me a steroid pack and a cream. I hate to take that stuff! It is better and I think I am on the road to recovery.
Ok here is my upcycle figure for the Art Museum. She is a bit silly and kinda looks like a first grader made it but it was fun. Of course with all the running and feeling like crap a lot, I didn't get it all together they way I wanted to. I took her today and there is some amazing things there. The show opens up Friday evening. My piece is tittled "Walking the Dog". It is made from things you would throw away. I went to a recycle place and got some card board tubes, wire and the melted black plastic my dog is made of. I included an old lamp shade, plastic bags, a paper plate and her mouth and eyes are made from toilet paper rolls. She is about 5 feet tall. I would love to know what you think of her! Don't be shy and let me know! I will try to get some pictures and post them later!
Hugs for now

Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Family Member

Well I have been running and running! Makayla is in track and softball, I fell like I live in my truck. We have 4 weeks of school left, I am doing the happy dance!!! I need to get some creating done to feel whole again. I did finished my quilt, I still need to get some pillow shams done. I also have to finish my go figure(having some issues with this). Makayla and I had a girls day out today. We both got hair cuts and we adopted a new baby. She is adorable and still just a baby. She is about the size of a Guinea pig right now. She look so tiny up next to our other rabbit, Misty. We decided to call her Bella, she is a Holland Dwarf and is so sweet. Hugs for now!