Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Junkin Treasures!!

I know I have not been posting very often but, I have been working my tail off! My studio is getting an extreme make over!! I am getting close to finishing it. I will reveal my wonderful space on August 15th for Where county women create. I will post some bits and piece of history of my creative space. Yesterday the kids and I went pickin in my mothers shed. My mother is 88 and I don't think she ever throws things away. This shed is packed with so much stuff, a lot of is trash and I did get her to throw some things away. A couple of years ago my mother had to have gall bladder surgery and could not ride her mower to mow the yard. Yes she does everything on her own. This woman is a trooper! I got in the shed to get out the mower and noticed these vintage wheels. OMG it was an old wicker baby doll buggy that was hers as a little girl. It was just wasting away in her shed. I got it and it is on display in my house. I was peeking in her shed a few weeks ago an notice something, I asked what it was....It was and old piece of post office boxes with the window!! My mother ran the post office for almost 30 years and it was part of our house. I was drooling and asked if I could have it for my mom never tells me no anymore! I LOVE her so much, she is the Greatest! Yesterday we dug the boxes out and the piece of post office is in my studio. I also noticed an old galvanized bath tub, this was getting good! Yes she said I could have that also. So while I was digging out the tub I screamed with joy, is that a crock!!! Yes it was and it belonged to my grandfather, it could not get any better. Yes I could have that also. I now have a piece of my grandfather, he lived to be 95 and was a strong wonderful man. I remember my mother making pickles in this crock when I was very young. I also found a few other little treasures and didn't even get all the way through the shed. Who knows there might be another wonderful piece of history hiding in that shed waiting for me to discover it! Blake found a couple of things he wanted, he love to pick! Makayla scrubbed the crock all up for me and it is in my family room. Hugs for now!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Icka the Witch

Well I decided to list this girl on Ebay. What I nightmare getting her listed. I guess I am out of practice. I forgot I had insurance optional in my template, wow that threw up a red flag!! I still need to try to fix on of my pictures in my template. Nothing is ever easy. The kids are still working and trying to get their 4H projects done. I will be sitting through all the judging Wed and Thurs by my self. I just hope it is not so humid! Still working on my studio, I have just accumulated way to much crap in that space. Trying to organize, organize. It is hard to get everything in a good working order when I do so many different things. I am trying to have a beading, jewelry area, sewing area, painting area and a space for clay. I would also like to get my kiln into my room. Wow trying to get all those areas set up in a small space is quite a challenge! I will do it! It is a long time coming. I need to have a great creative space, maybe that is why I have not been to creative here lately! Hugs for Now!