Sunday, January 13, 2013


Once again I am trying to organize my studio! This is a never ending project. Every time I think I have it together, bam.....I start creating like  a mad scientist and big mess. I have a lot of stuff in a small area, that makes it difficult. I have many work stations, sewing, beading, clay and painting. I sit her and rethink the lay out, what would make the flow better ? I have to do some rearranging to make this easier. So this is my plan for today.....clean and move stations for better flow of work. Here we go again!!! This time I am going to figure this out for better production!! It may not be as pretty but better function and able to keep it organized it what I am after. Right now it looks like a bomb went off in here and I don't enjoy being here......way too messy. So I will spend my day redoing my studio again and I hope this time I figure the best solution!!


I would love to have these shelves!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! Another one gone, time flies so fast . Do you have any new years resolutions? What about traditions for New Years Day?
I usually make something new for the house, I think I am going to make some new curtains again. I hope to clean up my studio and get busy creating some new things. I have a few things on my accomplish list I want to do this year.

1. Compete in a 5K or 3K might be good for my first race.
2. Organize my studio and my life a bit more.
3. Try some new ART.

Those are a few of my goals for the year and I will do my best to reach them. Do you have any fun traditions or goals you would like to share? Leave me a comment, I would love for you to share