Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

Well I have not posted on here for ever! Lots of busy life events have been happening over the months. My son Blake went to prom, turned 18 and graduated. That was a lot of excitement in a few months! My daughter Makayla just got her drivers license last Thursday and now she will be driving!!  We have one more party for my sisters retirement at the end of the month and 4H to get done and delivered. Whew lots of things....
 I have been trying to get my thyroid working the way it should. I have been on natural supplements since last October. I just stated taking a T3 supplement 2 months ago, upping my dose every 5 days. I was on the max and a bit over dosed and didn't realize it. The dr put me on another supplement to try to get my thyroid working by its self......not good! I could not take it and it messed me up. Now getting back on track and think I am on the right dose.
 I am getting back in my studio working a little at a time. Hope to get some clothing in my etsy shop soon!

Have a happy 4th everyone!!