Sunday, February 15, 2009

APGS Black History Month Doll Challenge

She is finished ! Here is my doll for the challenge. Her name is Zula and she will be listed shortly on EBay. I love how she turned out. I love African design and jewelry. She has many things I love on her. I love animal print, I love jewelry and gourds. So I had to add them all. She was so much fun to make. Off to work on my next challenge!


Tina said...

Hey There! Thanks for adding me. I'm honored! I'm gonna add you today! Blessings T.
p.s. I dig your work!

~Tonya said...

Love your dollie and the detail you put into her.

I wish you much luck on ebay.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have heard about the vicks thing and me and my daughter did that and also a good chest rub with the vicks...old school works wonders.

Have a good evening.