Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Camping Tirp

We went on our last camping trip for the year. It was raining and blowing on Friday when we left. When we got to the camp ground, we discovered my bike fell off on they way. I was devastated! This was a nice men's 21 speed bike!! I loved my bike and could not believe it was gone. Hubby worried that it could have caused a wreck or someone got hurt. We ended up having a good time hiking on Saturday. The first picture is my kids on the suspension bridge. The second is a trail after the bridge through the rocks. We took this trail (very rugged) and the dog was with us. 3 1/2 hours later, scaling rocks and doing many stairs up and down, we made it back. On the trip home we kept our eyes pealed for my bike, no luck! Someone has a nice bike now ! Hubby had to buy me a new one now. I have been looking and hope to have one soon.

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in the light of the moon said...

Oh Cindy,I'm so sorry to hear about your bike.It must have been quite a shock when you realized it!!I would just love to go camping.Since we moved to florida we have not given it a try.I was waiting for the kids to get bigger and I think they are at a good age now.Your photos made me crave the outdoor beauty.Warmest Regards,Cat