Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Art Show was a success!

Last weekend was the Art show at the Frankfort Library. It was a fun festive evening Friday with sales doing pretty well for the weekend. I always look forward to the show and seeing all my good friends. This is a picture is my best est bud Linda. I am on the left and Linda the right. Linda makes beads out of wine bottles that are amazing. She is such a wonderful person. The other picture is of the Christmas tree that was in the lobby of the library. I thought it was pretty cool, they always have some kind of amazing tree to greet everyone. I am still battling a sinus infection, it is wearing me out. I hope you enjoy!! Hugs


Tina said...

Oh Dear, I hope your sinus infection leaves soon. Glad you had a successful show.

Denni said...

I'm glad you had fun. It's fun to have a good friend who loves the same things as you :) Happy Thanksgiving

Lisa said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Cindy, have a great full filling day!
I get sinus infections all the time it's the PITS!
Be well, Lisa