Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Makayla's Doll

This is Makayla's 4H doll that she turned in today. I think she did a wonderful job and should have gotten Champion. She got a blue star but she is pretty down. It would be ok if what was picked was a good piece of art but, she said what got champion was a blue jean pocket with things stuffed in it! Well why wouldn't she feel bad. She did get champion on misc needle craft. So the day was not all bad. The same judge told Blake she would expect more craftsmanship out of someone his age? REALLY! What nerve, His piece was made in his art class taught by a true artist. I think we need to get rid of these old farm lady judges and get some people who appreciate art!



EllenaElizabeth said...

That's a bummer Cindy. However it's the nature of competing. It happens to me every year. I compete in the agricultural shows in south east queensland, australia and it just all depends on what the judge is looking for. Personal preference ie: colours, styles, themes, etc. I can see the workmanship is there for sure. Would love to see it even closer up. Just don't let your kids stop competing. We need the young ones to keep running with the baton. EllenaElizabeth, Australia

ArtbymeCindy said...

Thank you EllanaElizabeth!


JanMarieDollsandPrims said...

This doll shows excellent craftsmanship from the photo..Tell Makayla if I would have been one of the judges she would have gotten Champion...maybe next year they should get some judges with good eyesight...