Monday, February 15, 2010

Will Spring ever come?

I don't know about you but I am ready for spring. I need some sunshine and warmer temps. I am having a hard time getting motivated and creative. It is snowing here again today,but not supposed to get much more than an inch. The cardinals in the snow at our feeders in the back are just beautiful! The last few days we have had freezing fog! It has been stunning out side but makes me feel like I live in an Arctic zone. It is almost like crystal trees! I had to take some pictures, still playing with my new camera. Enjoy Mother Natures stunning Artwork! Hugs


In the Light of the Moon said...

Wow Cindy,I dont miss the cold,I dont miss shoveling and driving on ice..I dont miss that one little bit...but the beauty it creates can never be duplicated.Stunning photos.Stay Warm Friend.Cat

Flossiekat said...

Cindy, I feel your pain! I want springtime to be here so baaaad! Love your blog and your stuff. You are so amazing, gal! And congrats on being in the magazine. Hugs!

Tina said...

So pretty, but so ready for spring to come.