Friday, March 5, 2010

Basketball Tourney Time

This my my baby, boy does she love to play basketball! She is on fire!! Tourney starts tomorrow and I hope they win. My son Blake is not in to playing sports. Makayla makes up for both of them. I can't get anything created for running to practice and games. I love to watch her play, she steals the ball and is off like a rocket! This is only her first year to play. She plays her heart out and I hope the girls win tomorrow. Good Luck Lady Mustangs! Hugs


Tina said...

I used to love watching my daughter play volleyball. So fun.
Enjoy, these days go fast.
Blessings and have a nice weekend.

Carol said...

Oh boy, my son and daughter are just like that too. My daughter is the tomboy and my son is the computer geek. I love 'em both no matter:) Your daughter is a beauty and I like seeing that Anderson across her back(wink wink)