Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break!

I have not posted for ever! We are on spring break this week and it is wonderful. The bad thing is I am spending money like crazy. We went to see Alice on Wonderland in 3D yesterday. It was wonderful. The funny thing was the movie seemed so blurry in the background at times. I thought I am never going to pay this much to watch a 3D movie again. Well 3/4 of the way through my kids said mom turn your glasses upside down. Well the movie was way better! I don't know if the glasses were screwed up or what. Well we kept our glasses and I am going to watch it in 3D again to see the whole thing they way it was meant to be!!
I have been busy remodeling my front bathroom. What a job!! Sanding the texture off the wall, what was I thinking to do this in the first place. I am putting paper on the bottom half that looks like an old barn, I am lovin it! I hope to be done by the weekend except the new floor. No sure when we will be putting that in. Ta Ta for now!

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WillowtreeTreasures said...

LOL that is too cute about the glasses! That would be me. I didn't realize this is a threeD feature! I've been wanting to see this...must be because what is considered children's flicks are done in such a different way since I was young. I remember "Felix the cat", "Batman", "Land of the Lost". None were done with the abilities of cinematography mixed with computer advances they have today! Even some of the cartoons have the 3D effect. How cool is that? Sorry I'm a 70's girl and at times it shows...LOL