Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I am back!!

Yes I have been missing in action for a bit. My hard drive crashed and I lost everything! Yes it stinks to be me right now!! I just got back online tonight. I have a lot of work to do to get things working again. As for the things I have lost.....I learned a hard lesson. I should have taken in my computer a long time ago, and I will now get an external hard drive to back up to. I do know better, I have a degree in computer programming..shame on me is all I can say as I sit here and feel sick as I think of all the things I lost. Time to move on and get back to all my wonderful online friends!! Hugs to all Cindy


basketsbyrose said...

Glad you are back, and sorry you lost so much stuff.

Tina said...

so happy to see you are back.
What a bummer to lose so much stuff, this is one of my fears.

Times of old creations said...

I am soo happy you are back Cindy! I just had that happen a few weeks ago and know exactly how you feel! It is hard to get the basics back and I still have more to reinstall! Hang in there I thought it may be that I needed a new computer and am thankful that it could run again after such a happening. The only thing you can do is move on! It is tough though! Many hugs...Deb