Friday, December 31, 2010

What are your New Year Goals?

Well another year is slipped away! Time seems to just fly by, I wish I could slow things down a bit. With a new year approaching we all have goals and such we want to accomplish. So for a little fun I am going to post some of my New Year goals and would love for you to share some of yours!

  1.  Take more time to create.   I am going to make more time to create.    
  2. Get more organized.    I always have this on my list, I am getting better!
  3. Put myself out there!   This is one of my biggies this year.
  4. Make more friends.   You can never have enough friends. I have made many from the Hive! Love them all!!
  5. Take better care of myself.  Take my vitamins and get more exercise. Have less sinus infections!
  6. Smile more!!  Hubby says I don't smile much anymore, Maybe I need to feel better about myself. So if I focus on number 5 more I think I will get there.
  7. Have more fun with my kids! They are growing up so fast and I need to spend more fun time with them.
Ok I think that is my list for now. I would love to hear what is on yours!

Hug for now


In the Light of the Moon said...

Hey Cindy,I think your list is wonderful and I just know you will work hard to get these things done.My list is simple this year,I choose three words that will help me to focus more.."Enjoy" "Linger" & "Be Astonished". Simple words but with a powerful invitation to live in the now.Lets keep fingers crossed for both of us ok?
Big Hugs,Cat

Carol said...

Yes it did, and they just go by faster the older we get and the next generation takes our place:) so we can sit back and enjoy life!
I think some of your resolutions sound good for myself Cindy:) Remember to smile:)