Saturday, January 1, 2011

After Holiday Blues!

Well it is hard to believe the difference a week makes. Last week my house was lit up like a winter wonderland, full of family chatting and laughing and tons of food. There was also over 3 inches of pretty new snow. Yesterday it was about 60! not normal for Indiana. Today the snow is all gone and there are some pretty cold temps back on the way. My house is looking kind of bare, no more Christmas trees and decor. I am packing the boxes for another year. I get a little sad that it is all over. I not one to get depressed, but I get a little bummed that it is all over plus it is gloomy out today. I usually leave some snowmen out for a while, but not sure if I am going to this year. The weather outside is making feel like decorating for Spring! I know winter is coming back tomorrow and more snow will be on the way. I have 3 more days of vacation left and it is back to work. I guess I better make the best of them and do something productive. I have a room to paint do I want to start that? Should I go to my studio and create? Should I go play some Wii? I will figure out something to get my mind off of being bummed about the Holidays being over. I chose this picture because it makes me smile, this guy is just too cute! Enjoy

Big Hugs and Big Smiles :-)

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Carol said...

Hey Cin:) Hang in there hon, there are alot of gals going through the same thing. It'll pass. We had dreary weather here in SE OH to and on the 50's. Weird for this time of year. Love that crazy penguin! Made me chuckle too:)